Food and wine traditions are strongly rooted in our region and territories and you would be delighted to taste our fresh handmade starters, dishes and other meals.

Our own speciality products have a long tradition and always go down well with the consumer: salami, sausages preserved in oil or with lard, spreadable ventricina on owr home-baked breads, which is a delicatessen item commonly found in Abruzzo, fresh ham. You would also taste the typical arrosticini, another speciality of traditional Abruzzo cuisine made from castrated sheep’s meat, a sort of meat skewers. You could also eat regional delicacies known as timballo, chitarra, scrippelle ‘mbusse, mazzarelle, turkey alla canzanese, la ‘ndocca ‘ndocca. In addition, you will taste the best seafood you have ever eaten before, especially the common mussels of the Cerrano Tower.

Finally, a rich variety of sweets: sfogliatelle, calcionetti, panducale and fine wine produced in the local hills. These are only some of the better known desserts all over the world.

Ours is an author’s kitchen where our housewives express all the enogastronomic richness of our territory putting together, tradition and experimentation.

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Located in the quieter area of Pineto, recently built,
it is 350 meters from the sea with a private beach.

Via Jugoslavia, 15 – 64025 Pineto
Teramo – Italy